Voter Information

In an effort to help our fellow Republicans, we’re providing important links to information that you’ll find very useful for the upcoming 2020 election.

Western Wake Voter Guide

The Western Wake Voter Guide provides a detailed list specifically focused on Republican candidates to assist voters in making the correct party selections.

Click the link below to download the voter guide in PDF format.

The Western Wake Voter Guide (PDF)

Wake County GOP Voter Guide

The Voter Guide provides a complete run-down of every Republican candidate and the various positions in government; for all of Wake county as well as state and federal.

Where appropriate, incumbents are identified with “I”

 Sample Ballot

The North Carolina State Board of Elections has made available an online form with which to request a ballot.

Helpful Instructions:

In order to obtain a sample ballot, you’ll need to work with the online form first.

  1. Begin by clicking the link above. Enter your information (name, year of birth, etc) in the form. When done, click “Search” at the bottom of the page.
  2. The next screen will display the search results. Your name is a clickable link; doing so will show the Voter Search overview page with a series of categories displayed.
  3. Look for “Sample Ballots” which should be listed at the top of the left column. Click the Sample Ballots category–this will reveal a pop-up panel and a link to the sample ballot should be listed.
  4. Clicking the link to the sample ballot will open a new browser tab; from there, you should see a PDF version of the 2020 ballot with all current candidates (Republican AND Democrat) listed for all government positions.

As mentioned above, download and use the Wake County GOP Voter Guide to assist with selecting the correct candidates for the 2020 election!