In keeping with our conservative principles, we keep our expenses low so that we can use our funds to support our projects.  We support events, get out the vote efforts, and other projects to help get Republicans elected.

What does your $35 membership get you?


  • Meeting fellow conservatives working toward the same goals
  • Monthly meetings, regular e-news, and access to our social media
  • Engaging with candidates to meet new neighbors and voters at festivals


  • Networking with candidates and officeholders
  • Knowledgeable speakers on the important conservative issues
  • State, county, and local legislative updates from our Legislative Committee
  • Enlightening forums that inform voters about candidates
  • Updates from legislators about current and upcoming bills


  • Organizing get out the vote efforts
  • Informing voters at Early Voting and on Election Day
  • Making a difference in our towns, county, and state

Become a member today or pay your annual dues using the link below. All members must be registered as a Republican or as an Unaffiliated voter.

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